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About us

During the year 1973 the promoters of the company had their humble beginning. The firm GREENS INTERNATIONAL was formed to serve Defence Establishments for their electrical, sanitary ware and general supply needs. The other parallel business with the firm was to manufacture reflective sign boards and perform Research & Development of retro-reflective glass beads for manufacture of reflective road marking paints in India, as it was too expensive to import micro glass beads. During early 1970’s the use of retro-reflective signage and reflective road markings was unheard of even by most government road departments in India.

The business grew gradually as the promoter’s whole family use to get involved in writing the signs. This was such an artistic task at that time which could not be done by general fabricators/labourers. Later, with progression of business and addition of other products such as cat’s eye and reflective delineators the business expanded and later in the year 1988 GREENLITE PVT. LTD. came into existence and took over the road safety products division from GREENS INTERNATIONAL as Manufacturer/Supplier/Contractor/Exporter/Importer of Road/Traffic Safety Products.

GREENLITE worked during initial stages as a small privately managed family run business. The company has not only been recognised as manufacturer and supplier/contractor of road safety products but has also always been involved in Research & Development. There still are many reflective/solar/electronic road safety products at various stages of their development. The promoter has acquired few Patents to his credit and many others, even in different fields/streams are in the process of Patent grant. GREENLITE also has few “FIRSTs” to its credit which changed the way those signs/devices are made today in India. ‘As for a good idea it only takes a spark to create combustion to spread everywhere’

GREENLITE has well maintained its reputation as an innovator and leader. With this continuous and ongoing in-house research and development we can proudly say “we care for you while you are on road”.







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